Writing an artist CV

Having an artist CV on your website is important because it shows your educational background and exhibitions you have been involved in, if anyone would like to research them further. Your website should also include your contact details, especially your email.

Main things to include/remember:

  • When and where you were born, gives some context to your work as where you were born/live may be relevant?
  • Include previous and current educational achievements. e.g. degree currently completing and where
  • Include previous and upcoming exhibitions you were involved in – title of exhibition, location, dates, if it was individual or a group exhibition
  • Can also include awards and commissions
  • Keep it RELEVANT – do not include all educational background as this isn’t art related, only include art related qualifications which are higher or further qualifications

For my CV I kept it to a minimum and made it clear and simple to interpret, which I can also add to/update in the future.

My CV on my website

Useful link(s) for how to make an artist cv and what to include: